Saturday, August 26, 2006

Sex-obsessed Media Turns on Catholic Saint: Teresa of Avila

How low can they stoop? Filmakers who don't have enough talent to make a real movie, so they must enter the gutter and drag holy figures with them, and for what???

Film explores spiritual life and sexuality of 'sassy' Saint Teresa
By Dalya Alberge, Arts Correspondent

THE Church is facing another onslaught from film-makers. After the furore over The Da Vinci Code, it is now contending with an allegedly blasphemous account of the life of St Teresa of Ávila.

Geraldine Chaplin heads the cast of Teresa: Death and Life, a feature film about one of the great Christian figures.

The writings of the saint — a mystic who said that Christ conversed with her — are revered as spiritual masterpieces four centuries after her death.

But film-makers don’t do spirituality as easily as sexuality and, in exploring the saint’s sex life, they find themselves accused of treading sacrilegiously.

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H/T to Curt Jester

Chris from St. Mary's, in her new blog, Regina Caeli, has a little background from the Spanish Bishops who spoke out on this movie some time ago.