Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Lenny - Like a Rock!!!

Lenny - a beloved, and spirited parishioner, had to undergo unexpected, heart by-pass surgery this morning, as was announced at the parish planning session for the 175th anniversary last night. I asked Fr. Perrone's secretary, Phyllis, if there was any word on how Lenny made out. It was announce that he would have a triple by-pass. But, according to Phyllis, Lenny only needed one, and came through the surgery with flying colors! Thanks be to God!!!

When I came to the parish, Lenny just started talking to me as if he had known me all of my life. That is how he is.

Lenny is also a workhorse around the parish and is involved in......well....., what is he not involved in???

That I'm aware of, he is involved with the K of C, works the Bingo to raise money, raffles, breakfasts and other events requiring much hands-on labor. But, Lenny is involved in a more profound way as a regular Eucharistic adorer in our onsite chapel, run by the sisters of the Holy Cross. He assists in the sanctuary many days during the week for evening Mass, ushers on Sundays, and always seems to be there with that big grin.

Recovery from by-pass is very tough, whether it involves one or five arteries. I'm going to propose an e-bouquet of prayers for Lenny, and extend it to all sick and ailing parishioners, including Bernie, a loooongggg time parishioner and security guard who fell ill months ago, and has not been able to return. If you are willing to pray a rosary for this intention, or spend time in adoration, pray a Divine Mercy chaplet, assist at Mass, or any other prayer or sacrifice, please leave a message in the comment box. You can use anonymous if you don't want to reveal your identity, or pick "other" and use a fake name.

For frequent readers who have never used a combox, it is simple. Click on "comments", and set the radio button to anonymous, other, or just type in your name. Just a first name is satisfactory, or a nick-name. Type your comment, and then when prompted, type in the letters you see scribbled on the screen. If you get it wrong, it will prompt you for a new one. This prevents blog-spammers.

If you are absolutely paralyzed by comboxes, email me your prayer/sacrifice contribution and I'll post it in the combox for you, using a name of your choosing. Just leave email and webpage blank, if you do not want them included. Let me know if it does not allow you to do so. Non-parishioners are welcome to participate!

I had never heard of spiritual bouquets until I got to Grotto. That is what is so great about it - they take a distinctly Catholic approach to such situations! Perhaps in the future, I'll make a post on the many creative ways a spiritual bouquet can be made and given.