Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Benedictines of Mary - Kansas City

Thanks to reader, Clare, commenting in the post, "Bishop Robert W. Finn on a Roll - New Benedictine Community", we learn that this new community of habited nuns has a website up and a blog.

I will add this post to my section on vocations, and their blog will be added to the "Blogging Priests and Religious" section of my sidebar.

Just a quick glance at the website and I can see there is much to explore for any young woman considering a vocation. The rest of us can just admire what Holy Mother Church is now giving us through these sisters. Bishop Finn is very fortunate to have this prayer powerhouse in his backyard. While the average Catholic walking the street does not know it, God is working many graces through the prayers and sacrifices of these women.

Just a few examples:

Lectio Divina

Divine Office - in fact, you can see in the horarium how the office is prayed - in full. This is so....Benedictine!


The sisters have a dream of opening a house of rest and retreat for priests. Support them with your donations.


Andrew M. Fanco said...

What a lovely contrast to the Benedictine in the below post. It is always refreshing to see nuns in the habit. It's just so right. Thanks for this. This community and others like it are a real boon to the Church and a real sign that the aging New Age "religious" are going the way of the buffalo.

Moniales said...

I made my 1st Holy Communion with the prioress' younger sister. This community is a very hopeful sign for the future of monastic life!

We too are experiencing unusual growth and by the end of the year will probably have a total of 5 new postulants! (Two entered a few weeks ago and 3 more are expected.)God is good.

Anonymous said...

These Benedictine nuns are much better than other orders of Benedictines who have thrown away the habit and who do so called liturgical dance. The secular Benedictines are distubing. The
seem so totally caught up in fashion, lipstick, silk scarves and
contemporary "vanity," one must ask: why did they enter the convent?

Diane M. Korzeniewski said...

To Anonymous (Jan 4 at 2:53)

I understand what you are saying, but we must always consider that we cannot judge a religious simply by what she wears or does not wear.

There are faithful religious sisters who are not wearing the habit today, perhaps because the order did away with them and she was being faithful and obedient at the time.

Certainly, there are those sisters without habits, who are caught up in "all sorts of strange teachings", but the habit is not always a sure sign of fidelity and devotion.

I have seen cases of traditionally habited nuns who stood their ground on "all sorts of strange teachings" in the opposite direction, and who are equally as distant as the habited nun who embraces new ageism.

These Benedictines though, as you point out, are the real thing. But, even they will tell you that as individuals they are not perfect, but simply working for their entire lives at perfection.

Let us pray for all religious, habited or not. We pray that those who are faithful will remain strong, and those who are confused in worldly ways and allures find their way home. God will respond to a heart who turns to him with a charitable eye toward's those whose faith has somehow been corrupted. With God, all things are possible and with faith, probable!

Anonymous said...

Linda said, It will always be my prayer that traditional Benedictines as well as other communities will open thier convent doors to women of all ages.