Monday, June 11, 2007

Corpus Christi 2007 - Procession at Assumption Grotto

I decided to focus on capturing video of the Corpus Christi procession at Assumption Grotto this year, with the hopes of producing a short clip which captures the spirit of the day. It will be some time before I can release such a video as it will undergo much editing.

However, a good friend of Assumption Grotto, Michael Powell, whose wife and daughters are quite active at the parish, was kind enough to use his photography skills to capture still shots of the day. We start with the altars set up on the grounds of our parish.

We start with the procession toward's the first altar, which was set up on the south side of the cemetary.

Altar boys, wearing festive white cassocks and gold shoulder capes, lead the way.

A priest of Opus Angelorum is carrying the Monstrance. He is flanked by Fr. Eduard Perrone - the pastor of Assumption Grotto. Fr. Perrone had been conducting the symphony and choir at the Noon Mass, which ended just moments before these photos were taken.

Here, we see that on the other side of the OA priest, is Grotto's new Deacon, Jim Wilder.

The monstrance holding the Eucharist at the first altar.

More posts will be made when I receive additional photos.

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Br. Anthony said...

The Novus Ordo even in Latin is not Catholic. It is Masonic/Protestant rite.

Diane said...

Dear Br. Anthony,

I see you assist at Holy Mass within the SSPX community in Toronto where you are a lay brother. I too am in a third order - the secular Carmelites. I trust that your priests emphasize charity first in every regard, just as the priests in my parish do. May we both proceed accordingly.

At the end of your profile you ask people to pray for you. Know, that I will include you in my prayers, and I hope you will include me in yours.

I understand your frustration. Even as a child of just 4 or 5 when the suburban parish I was in switched over to more expressive worship, which may appear more like Protestant style of worship, I had yearned for the traditional, but never told anyone. I am now at home at Assumption Grotto where I am graced with a Mass as was intended by Vatican II.

I empathize with what you feel is lacking in worship at Catholic parishes in general. However, I could not separate myself from Peter - that is Pope Benedict XVI, who found his way to the throne through apostolic succession.

The liturgy as we know it is in dire need of repair. And, I believe the Classical Roman Rite never should have been suppressed in the ad hoc manner that it was. I am glad to see Pope Benedict releasing the Tridentine to it's rightful place.

I know that since you are affiliated with the SSPX perhaps you cannot accept Pope Benedict. I am not equipped to debate these finer points with you. That leaves prayer.

My prayer for you, and I hope yours for me, is that someday, we will all be able to worship under one "roof" - one that gives God the reverence, the awe, and the respect that His Majesty deserves. I pray that we all have access to very holy priests who will challenge us to live the Gospel in every regard, to value Holy Mass, Confession and the other sacraments.

I agree that Latin doesn't make the Mass. Nor does Gregorian Chant, nor do the smells and bells, male-only altar servers and solid Catholic sermons. It has to do with God being at the center of the Mass, which is where we place him.

God bless you, Br. Anthony - my brother - and if you are ever in Detroit, perhaps you could visit St. Josaphat's where Detroit now has the Indult, or - see the Mass as Vatican II had intended it to be by visiting Assumption Grotto.

Br. Anthony said...


Thank you for your thoughts.

Please note that I was not being uncharitable. The truth may be hard to take, but what I said regarding the Novus Ordo is true.

Diane said...

Br. Anthony. I regret having seen the blog of which you are contributor and I see that it is pointless to discuss things any further.

From what I have read on your blog, it seems that you are within a community which regards the Novus Ordo invalid, and even objectively sinful for those who attend.

I pray someday that you will come to understand that even Judas was called by Jesus to be a priest, and exercised free will in his act against Our Lord. When individuals exercise such God-given free will for personal gain, for pride, or any other reason, we can hardly hold it against Holy Mother Church herself. Should the first Catholics had shunned the Apostles themselves on account of what Judas did?

It is beyond my comprehension how one can conclude that individuals within the Church cannot err, or even succumb to the effects of Original Sin and bring harm to the Church.

The doctrines of the Most Holy Catholic Church - that is the Church in which Pope Benedict XVI is Pope through Apostolic succession - are as solid now as they were before the SSPX.

The Novus Ordo was hijacked by well-meaning, and not so well-meaning people within the Church. That does not make the Church wrong, it makes those people in error - an error that is correcting itself over time.

Nowhere in Vatican II does it tell people to jack-hammer the Communion Rails or wall altars out. No where does it say that the priest must face the congregation. No where does it say that folk tunes should rule the day. No where does it encourage people to converse as if they are in the mall.

Individuals err.

On matters of faith and morals, the Church does not err.

The liturgy indeed needs work and it will take time to undo the damage brought on by individuals who took liberties in the name of Vatican II - things that Vatican II never authorized.

The Mass you now enjoy - the Mass of Paul V, was once targeted by those who did not want change. Just like today there were those who clung to the Mass which preceded the Classical Rite as we know it today. They could not accept it and now you cannot accept a Mass which you've probably never seen as Vatican II intended.

Once again, if you are ever passing through Detroit, drop in to Assumption Grotto and you'll have a taste of what should have happened following Vatican II. While it may not be your cup of tea, it's far from the irreverent, folksy, casual expressive "protestant style worship" (as you refer to it) you have come to associate with the Novus Ordo.

You and your community remain in my prayers.

Diane said...

With that, I am going to comment moderation. You have your blog to voice your opinion and I reserve the right not to expose my readers to further condescending remarks about things which I and they hold with respect and deep regard - namely all that has been handed down to us, including the Novus Ordo. This takes nothing away from the Classical Roman Rite which many of us also hold in high regard.

Br. Anthony said...

Where did I say that the Church can err?

Diane said...

Br. Anthony:

The Catholic Church - that is, the one still in communion with His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI has a valid liturgy in the Novus Ordo.

When you state state that it is "...not Catholic. It is Masonic/Protestant rite." , you are saying that the Church is somehow in error.

When the Mass of Paul V emerged in the 1500s, there were those who could not accept IT either. Some groups were permitted to "grandfather" the pre-Tridentine liturgy. But in areas where they were not granted this, the Church saw a similar falling away of people who just could not accept the changes to the Mass. It takes a humble heart to accept such changes.

I am saying is that because people ran off with the liturgy and made the Novus Ordo into something which was never intended by Vatican II, it doesn't make the Novus Ordo itself invalid, or objectively sinful as is written in the blog in which you participate. The Novus Ordo is as valid as the Classical Roman Rite.

The manner in which many celebrate the Novus Ordo today is another matter entirely. Very few things can actually invalidate the Mass, while many things can make it illicit. There are many illicit things happening in Novus Ordo liturgies - some through ignorance, and others through prideful disobedience to the norms and intent of Vatican II.

The Classical Roman Rite, in my humble opinion, is an awe-inspiring way to worship the Lord. But, I have also found that the Novus Ordo as it is celebrated at Assumption Grotto also enables me to worship God in a most fitting manner.

Furthermore, I myself know of Protestants, who, when they come into the Catholic faith, have a preference for the Mass as is celebrated at Assumption Grotto, or even the Classical Roman Rite. These people have a deep appreciation and understanding of the liturgy.