Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Springtime in France? More like springtime in Europe!

In a Very Secular France, Nicolas Sarkozy Is Breaking a Taboo

by Sandro Magister, at his site, www.chiesa

This is interesting news and probably comes as no surprise to those of us in parishes like Assumption Grotto in Detroit and Sts. Cyril & Methodius (Sterling Hgts). One excerpt caught my eye and I can't wait to read the rest of it later when I have time. I think we will continue to live with much persecution, but in time, the old guard at the ACLU which tickles its fancy by attacking all things religious, will find itself replaced with a new generation of folks who will defend the very things the ACLU should be protecting.

One example of this renewed interest in Christianity in Sweden is the success of the information website “Katolsk Observat├Âr.” The site describes itself as “traditional and aligned with Rome” and publishes news and analyses of substantial quality, with sections in English and French. One of its assiduous contributors is the Catholic bishop of Stockholm, Anders Arborelius, a member of the Carmelite order and the author of powerful homilies.

* * *

In Germany also – and not only in Catholic Bavaria, the birthplace of pope Joseph Ratzinger – there would seem to be signs of a religious revival. In mid-April, the German newspaper “Handesblatt” published a survey on this very phenomenon. In the view of the newspaper, the presence of a German pope on the chair of Peter makes an important contribution to this rebirth. Having visited Cologne in August of 2005, Benedict XVI will return to Germany next September, from the 9th to the 14th. “Handesblatt” writes that the pope “was able to speak about love to the youth he met in Cologne in a way that was new in comparison with that used in the past by many pastors of the German Catholic Church.”

Click the title link to read the entire story. It gives much hope for the future of our Church. Springtime is, indeed, in the air.


forget me not said...

i'm wondering when this is going to happen in Italy, where I live. Oh, yes, it does seem that something is changing, but it is all very 'relativistic' with reference to the flocks. Many Italians are very spiritually inclined, but lax on church teachings - usually ignoring them completely. Anti clericalism has always been a problem in this, the country of residence of the Pope, and a land which gave the Church many popes (although it would be better to forget some of them).

Diane said...

What you describe sounds like the US. I think it is a problem everywhere, except in some third world countries.

I see the first signs in this new generation over here changing. It's a small number, but more and more young people do not accept the "namby-pamby" catholicism some progressive theologians tried to give us. Those are old and full of gray hair. Younger people are now benefiting from some colleges which actually teach Veritatis Splendor - Pope John Paul II's encyclical on moral theology which condemns relativism, consequentialism, proportionalism, and many other "ism's". For those in Catholic colleges which are not providing this, there is always the internet, and young people are discovering these things on their own and challenging progressive-minded professors who wish it had never been written.

This same generation of young people are more prolife and having more kids themselves. Pope John Paul's theology of the body is getting through to them. But, it's a small percentage. However, this small percentage of young people are having very big families and passing on these values while the progressive minded are using contraception and barely having one kid. It could take generations to clean up the mess of the last 40 years.

I have much hope, even if I don't live long enough to see the complete turn around. All we can do is to pray. The younger priests I see coming out of seminaries are more orthodox and as they age and become pastors, they will have much influence.

E-J said...

pleae pray for Canada,and me, because one, especially men, has no choice but to leave our homeland,to not compromise, to follow Faithfully in a radical Religious Order, Society.
with perhaps 2 simple acceptions.