Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bishop Robert W. Finn on a Roll - New Benedictine Community

Bishop Robert W. Finn of the Kansas City - St. Joseph Missouri Diocese isn't talking about a vocations problem. He has just welcomed a new community of Benedictine Nuns - a growing trend from all that I've been seeing in the past year.

Out = Non-habited contemporary orders, especially with new age slants
In = Habited, traditional orders, including cloisters.

Here are a few examples from some newer women's communities. As the Dominican Order of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist tells us on mail I receive from them, "We have a different kind of vocation problem". Upon opening the envelope I read that candidates coming for a discernment weekend had to sleep on the floor because there were so many, there weren't enough beds for them all. The first picture is of the postulants, the second are novices.

There are others I had been following and have lost the links to them. Many of these orders have lots of young faces. And, there seems to be a stream of newer orders which are traditional-community based.

Of course there is the Poor Clare Nuns of Perpetual Adoration - the order of Mother Angelica. From their website, they tell prospective candidates:

We don't have any more rooms available in our cloister for women at this time. However, if you feel called to an enclosed life of adoration of Jesus in a spirit of thanksgiving there is still hope. We have other houses that you can contact. Below you can find some links to their websites.

When a cloister reaches a certain size, a group of nuns from that cloister will set out to begin a new cloister. This has happened with the nuns at the Our Lady of the Angels Monastery on May 1, 2005 when 5 nuns left Hanceville and were received in Phoenix, Arizona by Bishop Olmstead. Their journey can be followed on www.desertnuns.org

On their first anniversary, they added a new member to their family.

NOTE: All photographs were taken from the websites of the respective community.


Angela Messenger said...

Doesn't it make you want to weep with JOY to see these young women give their lives to Christ in this special way!

Diane said...

Actually, it makes me wish I was under 35 again!!! I'm not that far out though. If something like that had been around when I was 18, I would have been there in a flash. My only exposure was to non-traditional orders. The Dominicans would have been right for me, but I'm 9 years too late for that order.

Anonymous said...

Please note that the Daughters of Mary, Mother of Our Savior are NOT in communion with the Roman Catholic Church.

Diane said...

Thank you very much, "anonymous". I did what I could to see if they were schismatic, and could not find any clue of it - not uncommon, I suppose. We must pray for them.

But, this order is being removed from the original post.

I do know for a fact that the others are.

sheila said...

I don't know why I can't join a traditional reigous order at 54. I have much experience in life , no constraints, health benefits, and a longtime desire.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sheila,
You CAN enter a traditional order at your age! You will need to surf the net though to find them, like I did. Try the "Institute on Religious Life" web page, click on the ones that appeal to you, and find out their age requirement. I found several
"cloistered/contempaltives" that take older vocations.
I will be joining one soon!
Try: www.ourladyofthedesert.org and www.childrenofmary.net.
God bless your search!

Anonymous said...

In ref. to Anonymous 6/20/06: The "Singing Nuns"
are not in communion w/Rome either, in spite of their beautiful blue full habits.
So sad! One has to be VERY CAREFUL in their search these days.

Diane said...

anonymous 6/04/2007: Thanks for sharing your story and the links. Thanks also for the tip on the "singing nuns". I have a bookmark folder where I am putting schismatic orders because they are so difficult to discern from those in communion with Rome. It is indeed sad.

Best wishes and prayers on your newfound vocation!

Clare said...

Here's the new blog of the Benedictines of Mary - http://www.benedictinesofmary.blogspot.com/

Also, their official site: http://www.benedictinesofmary.org/

Pax Christi!


Diane said...

Clare - thanks.

See my post today.