Thursday, August 24, 2006

Prof Michael Barber on the Priestly Ministry of the Apostles

Michael Barber, PhD, also on EWTN radio, and professor of Theology, Scripture, and Catholic Thought, at the new - John Paul the Great University in San Diego, has a post up on the priestly ministry of the apostles.

While Michael Barber discusses Judas, and his replacement, he does not get into the free-will act of Judas, as I have heard him, and other apologists discuss. His article prompted that thought so I share it here. It was like a big bulb went on in understanding how God gives us a free choice and does not force us into loving Him and obeying His commands. Consider that Judas was called to the priesthood, yet God gave him, as he does all of us, a free will. Judas made a choice - a bad one.

How many parents today, when their children go astray, blame themselves and wonder what they could have done different? Certainly, in some cases a parent may have faults that led to a falling away by a child. But often, it is a matter of people choosing a certain path for themselves. In such cases, when talk no longer works, then we turn heavily to prayer.