Thursday, August 17, 2006

A blogger on Fr. Perrone - the Pastor of Assumption Grotto

Catholic apologist, author, and Relevant Radio personality, Steve Ray, had this to say on his blog about Fr. Perrone and Assumption Grotto after visiting this blog:

If you live in the Detroit area, you may want to visit Fr. Perrone and the fine priests at Assumption Grotto (where Fr. John Hardon used to live and celebrate Mass). There you will find a beeeautiful church — the way they are supposed to be built.

You will also experience a reverent Mass and the best music around. Fr. Perrone is a classical musician and you will certainly recognize the care and love he has for music and the Mass!

He enjoyed the photos, and the "Liturgical Dance-Free Zone" icon, for which we must give the hat-tip to Christus Vincit. Follow this link, or click on the icon to see in which parish it originated!

Check back after any major holiday or event, in particular Christmas Season, Easter Season, Corpus Christi, Assumption, and in bewteen for photos various events. Any new visitors will be pleased to click through the archives, especially for April 2006, and scroll for many stunning pictures. Each month features something special.