Thursday, August 24, 2006

Martingnoni's Two-Minute Apologetics Collection on CD

For those who listen to EWTN radio, you probably know John Martignoni, who gives us an hour of apologetics. Martignoni his own website, which is under the "Catholic Bible Study Resources" section of my sidebar. At his website, you will find free MP3's, free CD's (with just a $3.00 mailing fee), and much more info for reading.

One thing that John has become known for, are his "Two-minute Apologetics" clips on EWTN between many programs throughout the day. Due to popular demand, he has put all 19 of these on one CD, and it can be found at his website, along with the other free CD's.

John answers many common misperceptions about the Catholic faith, and Christianity in general - things that all Catholics should be prepared to answer, with Scripture.

It's time we Catholics started to learn how to answer questions about the faith, with Scriptural references. After all, it was the Catholic Church which brought us the Holy Bible long after the Crucifixion. I've added many solid Catholic Biblical and Apologetics resources online. Please check them all out and spend a little time there each week.