Saturday, August 19, 2006

Good Morning Grotto enthusiasts!

No, you did not stumble on the wrong site. I've successfully managed to complete one objective of replacing the lighthouse in my template (no easy task for a novice).

Now, if someone can help me to understand how to move the whole of my title-text down below the nice photo, it would be great! I cheated and used a bunch of line breaks in the title within settings, but this messed up how it read in IE at the top. Hence, I know how nice it will look, but I see I must move it down within the template itself.

I've really altered my sidebar, as well, making categories and manually installing various links that are of interest to me and worthy references. There are many more I want to add over time. I'm also only beginning to do my blogroll, so in time it will grow.

Many more days worth of Assumption 2006 photos are coming, and the best will be last. The most beautiful part of the day is the evening, outdoor Mass in the Grotto and this is what the last of my posts will cover. It is also when photographs will be featured by Jeff Williams who was working on "creamy" shots during that liturgy. He's bound and determined to get me to spend more money on such a fantastic lens. :-$

I'm working on bringing you more photos within the next hour (blogger and God permitting) as we begin to look at what happened between the morning and evening Masses. I still don't have all photos edited yet, but have gone through enough to continue with daily posting.