Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Call to Holiness 2005 - Post 3

Fr. William Casey, CPM is shown as the featured speaker during this shot. This gives you an idea of the crowd that was there for the Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday morning conference the first weekend in October of 2005.

Just because Holy Mass took place in the hotel during the conference, it didn't eliminate the desire to create a sense of the sacred. Note the cross. Two fixed lights happen to be shining in such a way as to create "wings" on the wall behind it. Fr. Perrone is seen walking around the altar and incensing as Deacon Bloomfield aids him.

Here is a closeup of the cross. Not bad for a crucifix on a hotel wall.

Reverence Rules! Doesn't matter if Mass takes place in a Church, or in a hotel-turned sanctuary. A lot of good people worked hard to transport things back and forth to make the environment as solemn as it could be.

Native Detroiter, Fr. Louis Guardiola, CPM delivered a riveting homily in this Mass.

Guess how this Mass is being celebrated (hold that thought). More smells preceding the bells.......

*Bells ringing* My Lord and my God!

It's not the most picturesque setting, but it was indeed prayerful. There were no laser lights, dancing shapes, or liturgical dancers for that matter. Just simple worship.

Parting Shot for Friday Evening....Raymond Arroyo arrives to speak about Mother Angelica and his new book about her life.

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Brian Michael Page said...

Fr. Casey did our mission at Holy Ghost Church (where I am music director). He is EXCELLENT!


Diane said...

That was my first time hearing him - at the 2005 CTH Conference. His preaching style is very different and he does get your attention. The content of his one talk was so very detailed, with statistics.

I am trying to find out if the company which did audio and video discs is still selling them. I bought the whole set from CTH, which ran $70, but had most major talks from that weekend. I think only Raymond Arroyo was not on there due to contractual issues with EWTN, which is too bad because he was excellent, as well.