Thursday, August 17, 2006

Bishop Doran: The seven sacraments of secular culture...

H/T to Gerald Augustinus on this piece from Bishop Doran of Rockford, Illinois.

The seven “sacraments” of their secular culture are abortion, buggery, contraception, divorce, euthanasia, feminism of the radical type, and genetic experimentation and mutilation. These things they unabashedly espouse, profess and promote. Their continuance in public office is a clear and present danger to our survival as a nation.

My oh, my! We need more bishops to talk like this. For a moment there, I thought maybe Gerald had found something in one of Fr. Perrone's homilies. This kind of straightforward talk is common at my parish. I think it took about 3-4 months of near-daily sermons for me to get over the refreshing shock. It's amazing how it can make you dig deep within the abyss called the self, whom you then feel inclined to introduce to a priest in a confessional. Some see this as bad. I find it to be a very humbling and positive because we should always rejoice when the light scatters darkness. Just when I started getting a little comfortable, God worked through the homily of a priest to show me I had more work to do!

Priests and bishops need to be concerned more with salvation than with self-esteem. If someone can't handle the truth, it is not the fault of the priest or bishop preaching. They can't hide the truth to preserve anyone's self-esteem. As Fr. John Corapi has said, "I ain't goin' to hell for anybody!"

Go there and read more from Bishop Doran... Really, the entire thing is worth a few minutes of your time!