Saturday, September 30, 2006

Cardinal Arinze in Detroit!!!

I attended the Breakfast with Cardinal Arinze at the Andiamo Ristorante in Warren, Michigan this morning. The Cardinal was in rare form, with the usual sharpness and wit on the liturgy. There are definitely some quotable quotes. I had just gotten my camera out and turned it on, never realizing the Cardinal would walk right past my table. I got the pick off just before someone cut in front of the camera.

The event was MC'd by Teresa Tomeo of Catholic Connection - the morning show now carried by EWTN Radio. I wouldn't be suprised to see them rebroadcasting it, perhaps on the Henry Root show, which airs Sundays at 3:00.

There were many guests at the table with Cardinal Arinze, including the few seen here (from left to right) Father Tad Pacholczyk, Director of Education at the NCBC who was the second speaker, Adam Cardinal Maida of Detroit, Teresa Tomeo at the podium, Francis Cardinal Arinze of the Congregation for Divine Worship (CDW), and, on the far right, Bishop Robert J. Carlson of Saginaw.

For those who did not have a paper and pen to write down his website, the home page for Fr. Tad, it is:

If you ever lose it, you can find it in my sidebar under the Chastity, Purity, Morality, & Life section.

I'll add more posts on this after I've had a chance to go through my pics.

Check back with my home page in the coming days for additional photo posts of this event, with comments, and hopefully a few of those quotes.

Deo Gratias!


Timmay! said...

!I was there, too, and the Cardinal was incredible. Holy Trinity Apostolate did a great job organizing this event.

Diane said...

His talk was great. I have what looks like the speech, but I'm sure some of the most quotable quotes aren't in there.

If anyone has any favorite lines, post them here! I could not hear the full line he said about the turkey. Does anyone else?

Timmay! said...

The turkey line was great! If memory serves, he was talking about the priest who was chatting with the congregation at the beginning of Mass, asking how are you and all that. Then said if you can find what he said in any liturgical document I will give you a turkey.

The Cardinal has a great sense of humor.

I'll be listening to the entire recording tomorrow. I'll see if I have time to transcript that part for you.

Diane said...

There was something else, right there or following that about the microphone going out and the priest saying, as he taps the microphone something like.....

"....this is not working"

to which the people replied

"And, also with you!"