Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Fr. John A. Hardon - 70th Anniversary of entrance to Society of Jesus

A Special Celebration
in Honor of the
70th Anniversary of
Father John A. Hardon's
Entrance into the Society of Jesus
September 1, 1936 to September 1, 2006

When: Friday, September 1st, 2006
Where: Colombiere Jesuit Retirement Center Chapel

7:00 pm - Mass
8:15 pm - Rosary Procession to Father Hardon’s graveside
8:45 pm - Reception
9:00 pm - A Sharing of Remembrances

Reception is $5.00/person payable at the door.
RSVP is required for the reception.

The facility requires a minimum count 2 weeks in advance,
so please RSVP by August 18th

Call 248-548-0204 or 586-306-2780.

Fr. John A. Hardon was one of the finest theologians of modern times. When some theologians were weaving loopholes through theology, tossing the faithful to and fro, Fr. Hardon maintained a firm course with Holy Mother Church, guiding us all with his great catechetical books, and other materials. Here are only a few samples:

Fr. Hardon's is also founder of the Marian Catechists, which is now headed by Archbishop Rayond L. Burke.

Many of Fr. Hardon's works can be found at, which I keep in my sidebar.

From an article covering his funeral by Jay McNally:

Assumption Grotto's pastor, Fr. Eduard Perrone, describes one of the remarkable things about Fr. Hardon: "I never knew that he said no to any request for his help, whether it was to give personal guidance or counsel or an opinion on some book or some project, or to hear a confession, even to say Mass for a particular petition. He always found time and would be ready to drop whatever he was working on to meet a personal need. What is extraordinary is the great volume of work that he produced with untold interruptions for personal needs. He was prodigious to the point that one would have thought there were two Fr. Hardons."