Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Archbishop Dolan warns Catholics of dissenting theologian

Last Thursday, I brought to you a letter by Archbishop Dolan of Milwaukee which was sent to dissenting theologian, Daniel McGuire of Marquette University.

Archbishop Dolan has now publicly addressed the issue in his diocesan news column, and more.

Don’t miss the bigger picture
Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan

“The church is alive!” Remember those bracing words of Pope Benedict XVI as he began his ministry as successor of St. Peter?

Today I want to share with you some great signs of hope and vitality in the archdiocese. But, before that, I need to speak with you about three unfortunate issues.

The first issue concerns Daniel Maguire, a professor at Marquette University. He has dramatically dissented from clear church teaching for decades. After my arrival here four years ago, I sought counsel as to whether or not I should publicly warn the faithful about his erroneous opinions. Voices I considered wise advised me that this was not necessary, since the great majority of our people already recognize his views as clearly inconsistent with legitimate Catholic teaching.

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This is commendable, but it has me wondering. Is it really enough for a bishop to simply warn other of a dissenting theologian? What about students who must endure this man as a teacher? I don't think the bishop can remove him from his teaching position, as it must be for the university. However, when a Catholic university allows such a thing to continue, at what cost does it come? How many more dissenters will this McGuire create out of the young, impressionable, and poorly catechized young people that are in his classroom?

At what point does a dissenting theologian, at a Catholic university, with potential to cause great harm to many young minds, end up formally excommunicating himself, and rendering himself incapable of teaching at any Catholic institution?

This says nothing of Call to Action he speaks of. I could only hope more bishops would take the Bruskewitz approach and declare excommunication for anyone choosing to belong to such a dissenting organization. More from Archbishop Dolan on Call to Action...

Unfortunately, as stated in the official program of this year’s conference, the leadership of that group has decided to include in the program an invitation to invalidly ordained “priests and bishops” to “celebrate a liturgy.”

Here again it becomes my teaching responsibility to state clearly that such an action would make any claim of Catholic identity by the group to be misleading. Faithful Catholics attending these sessions would only promote division and disunity rather than genuine renewal in the church.

People ask why I “allow” Call to Action to meet in Milwaukee. This group, of course, hardly asks my permission, and pays little attention to what any bishop, including the Bishop of Rome, has to say.

There you have it. And, there is quite a bit of truth to the fact that they would not listen to him. However, if those responsible for the Liturgy actually follow through with this, how can they not excommunicate themselves?

Anyone care to explain it to me?