Friday, August 18, 2006

Assumption 2006: Photo Post 4

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Following the Consecration to Jesus through Mary, Fr. Perrone came back out of the sacristy and enrolled people into the Scapular as they lined up. It went on for about 15-20 minutes, and I would estimate some 20 or more people participated. The Missionaries of Charity, who work in Detroit, are seen in some of these photos.

In this photo, an altar boy is enrolled.

Fr. Perrone gives a blessing.

Adoration for the day begins...


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Chris from St. Mary's said...

Diane, your replacement backdrop for the lighthouse rocks! How difficult is that?

Chris from St. Mary's said...

How difficult is it to replace the lighthouse in the template, I mean.

I'm really ignorant on these things.

Diane said...

Hi Chris,

Well, size was the first obstacle. What I have learned is that I can reference another blog, which had a single full-size picture from right to left. I right-clicked their photo, as you can with mine, and did a "save as", then opened it in Picture It 9 (you can use any photo program that allows resizing). When I went in to resize, I could see the max right-left dimensions used.

Then I made a crop box to the same dimensions (which was smaller than my photo), but was able to grab the corner to maintain proportion for the crop.

Once cropped, I resized it down to the max left-right dimension.

I then went into the template and copied the entire thing as a backup.

Then, I played. Near the top of the template, I saw the HTML links to the lighthouse and clouds (there are several). I uploaded my photo to photobucket after putting some transparency and filters on it, then replaced the photo-link for the "lighthouse". At that point, I saw a few patches of clouds left over, so I went in and changed the links to read "none".

Then I couldn't read the text, so I had to hunt that down. I used this chart to confirm which text I needed to change, and to pick a new color.

But, I am hoping someone will tell me how I can move my text down so it is below the pic, and how to move my sidebar text up now that the side lighthouse is gone. I may decide to put a photo there though, but still want to know how to move my sidebar text up.

I had my title text moved down using 3 line breaks, but they showed up in the IE header, which wasn't cool. So, I need to know how to move my title text down in the template.

I followed Rick Lugari's original advice from a couple months ago: Backup your template by copying and pasting to notepad and saving it BEFORE tinkering with it.

If you think it looks nice now, wait until I get the text moved down. It looked WWAAYYYYY better.

Hope this helps.

Chris from St. Mary's said...

Yes, that did somewhat.

Except I don't know how to do transparency and filters to photos.

As far as I know, I only have MS Paint. I'm also poor, so buying new software is not an option.

Diane said...

Hey Chris, if you get the right size, email me the pic and I'll apply some filters and transparencies, then email them back for you to look at! Just get the width right to fit on the screen.

Diane said...

I should clarify, that I don't believe MS Paint will do it. I am using Picture It! 9, which came with my camera, if I recall.

Chris from St. Mary's said...

OK, but what's the width of the screen? I can handle if it's in pixels instead of inches.

I'm a real newbie ...

Diane said...

Here are my dimensions:

pixels: 798w x 257h
inches: 6.88 x 2.22