Friday, June 2, 2006

Twenty-One Days of Prayers for Priests: Day 1

Today, I stopped in at Assumption Grotto Parish where Adoration takes place in the main church on every first Friday. Outside of first Fridays, Adoration on the Grotto grounds is daily in the chapel connected to the convent of the Sisters of the Holy Cross. I was looking through my copy of the Chalice of Strength from Opus Angelorum- a booklet containing prayers for priests, with a foreword by Fr. John A. Hardon, SJ - and thought about promoting this little booklet, one prayer at a time. It is only 75 cents through the Opus Angelorum website (click on the booklet at left). However, they also make Chalice of Strength available online among the other rich things offered at It can also be found in the Assumption Grotto Gift Shop and Cafe, which is open after the 9:30 and Noon Sunday Mass, and after all weekday morning Masses, if you are local.

After the initial introduction in the book, there are 21 prayers. I'll be posting one prayer here, each of the next 21 days.

1. Prayer for the Chalice of Strength

My God and Father in heaven, that night in the Garden, on the Mount of Olives, your Son told Peter: "Do you think that I cannot appeal to my Father, who will promptly send more than twelve legions of angels to my defense?" (Mt 26:53).

Father, we ask you now: send these twelve legions of angels with chalices of strength out into the Gethsemane of the Holy Church to defend and assist our priests, who, strengthened by the power and presence of these angels, may faithfully fulfill their priestly missions. Amen.

If you want to pray for a priest, bishop, seminarian, or someone discerning - one you have in mind, or one the sisters will provide, why not make it official? Helping just one, with God's grace, through your prayers and sacrifices, ultimately helps everyone with whom they have contact.