Saturday, June 24, 2006

Pope Benedict: Society Faces "Tyranny of Instability"

The pope's words apply here in the US, as well....

Society Faces "Tyranny of Instability," Says Pope
Receives Bishops of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania

( Benedict XVI exhorted the bishops of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania to defend life and the family, saying that a society without authentic values faces a "tyranny of instability."

The Pope received the bishops today, at the close of their five-yearly visit to the Vatican, and spoke on a topic of "great present importance ... the family."

"Alongside exemplary family nuclei," the Holy Father said, "there are frequently others that are characterized by, unfortunately, the frailty of conjugal bonds, the plague of abortion and the demographic crisis."

Other sources of concern for the Bishop of Rome include the "lack of care in the transmission of authentic values to children; … the precariousness of work; … social mobility that weakens the bonds between generations; … [and] young people's growing sense of inner emptiness."

"A modernity that is not rooted in authentic human values is destined to be dominated by the tyranny of instability and the loss of points of reference," Benedict XVI said. "For this reason, every ecclesial community, with its own faith and supported by the grace of God, is called to be a point of reference and to dialogue with the society in which it is integrated.

"The Church, teacher of life, draws from the natural law and from the word of God those principles that present the irreplaceable basis to build the family, according to the design of the creator."

The Pontiff encouraged the bishops to always be "courageous defenders of the family and life," and to continue with the efforts undertaken "in favor of the human and religious formation of engaged couples and young families."

Benedict XVI added: "It is an extremely meritorious work, which I hope will also be appreciated and supported by the institutions of the civil society."