Monday, June 12, 2006

Off Topic; Slick out of danger!

I stopped in to see Slick yesterday after receiving an email that Denise would be in with him. He's turning into a bundle of energy, hardly capable of being held anymore because he moves his legs and wings so much.

But, unfortunately, it appears one leg may be "lame" - be it from the fall, or otherwise. Denise says it could be a splayed leg. Treated early, it has a chance of recovery and he is young. She knows of a local vet who may help her out on it. Slick may get taped up for a while to force the leg to grow straight, much like a child that needs leg braces. It's definitely not broke or dislocated because he moves both ends of the limb, the foot, and the "toes" of the claw. This led me to ask if she felt maybe our little slick didn't fall out, but may have been pushed out by mom. She says it's possible.

I asked her what we would do if he could not be released back into the wild. She said with a smile, "He'll probably stay with me and the rest of my lame birds - I have a few, including one love bird with two splayed legs. He gets around the cage with no problem.

So, Slick is a survivor one way or the other thanks to this kind person. I'll entrust it back to St. Francis as to whether our peep gets released back into the wild.

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