Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Fr. Zulhsdorf School of Translation

Fr. Z - he's at it again. When we say this, you gotta know someone is getting "schooled".

He publicly addresses a Catholic who wrote into a local newspaper about her feelings on the translations sumitted by the USCCB to the Holy See.

The sad part is that too many people within the Church itself have brought on the apparent misunderstandings of the Mass and words used in it. Catechesis is sorely needed. Way too many Catholics, including yours truly until last year, confused the Sacrifice of the Mass with something that was meant to make ME feel good.

It's going to be difficult in some circles to get authentic catechesis to the masses, who simply haven't yet received the desire, through grace, to read the catechism, scripture, or resources on the liturgy, but come to Mass each Sunday, or are C & E Catholics. God may be sending the graces to them, but they may not be receiving it, or acting on them, for whatever reason. In some cases, its because the shepherd charged with their care is disoriented, perhaps through no fault of his own, but wayward seminary training. Thus, an endless cycle of confused and disoriented Catholics.

I have more hope for the future because this new generation of priests has access to things the last did not. TV gives them access to people like Fr. John Corapi, Fr. Benedict Groeschel and Fr. Mitch Pacwa among others. The internet gives them unlimited access to unlimited resources of authentic Catholicism. They simply aren't buying much of the baloney passed off as "teaching", but are proving to be nothing more than "strange teachings".

I'll get you started....

“What does it even mean?”

CATEGORY: SESSIUNCULUM — Fr. John Zuhlsdorf @ 6:17 pm

Thanks to Amy Welborn for the following at least I think, thanks. Not sure, really. I was more than a little irritated when I first read this, but I am over it now. In the The Floridian there is a gushy piece by a pious member of the faithful, AMY HOLLYFIELD, victimized by the decision of the meanie bishops who have submitted their new English translation to Rome. You can almost imagine Thomas Reese, SJ, and His Excellency Donald W. Trautman as ghost writers. Let’s get to the piece. This is entitled "Lost In Translation", thought I suspect the authoress would be lost in pretty much any translation if you come right down to it. Here goes… I will annotate.

I haven’t been saying the words all my life.
Just 16 of my 35 years.

Sound familiar? This is the Chair’s argument! "We’ve been doing this for SIXTEEN WHOLE YEARS! We CAN’T change now!"

But I am as confused, disappointed and, well, angry, as any devout Roman
Catholic I know.

Hmmm… "Charity, Joy, Peace, Patience…." etc. Just savor that word "devout" here. That provides justification for all the emotion that follows.

Mass is the starting point for my week. A renewal that I participate in. The
words, the music, the people - they ground me.

Aaaaaaaaand…. the Blessed Sacrament? Jesus? And is there also a Sacrifice to participate in?

continue reading, "the schooling...."