Friday, June 23, 2006

Prayer Vigil at two Abortion Clinics Tomorrow

Just a reminder....

Prayer Vigil for Life-Helpers of God
Precious Infants, Saturday, June 24th,
7:30 am Mass at St. Raymonds, celebrated
by Bishop Schoenherr, Rosary in front of
two abortion clinics on 8 Mile,
Benediction and refreshments at
Assumption Grotto after.

I have been unable to find a website for the local chapter of Helpers of God's Precious Infants, but can lead you to these other resources:

1998 Newsletter

Chicago Chapter

Brooklyn NY - (careful on dialup as there is a video playing right out of the shoot)

HGPI Blog - St. Francis of Assisi chapter

Folks, this is non-confrontational. There is no protesting, no jail, no judging of those entering the clinic - just prayer for the baby, as well as the mother, the father, the abortionist, and workers.

Follow through with Benediction at the Grotto, which is right down the road.!!! Just ask anyone there how to get there, if you've not been. Organizers will probably explain at the end.

This is your chance to do something positive for the unborn. Bring your family and pray all four sets of mysteries of the Rosary as we process to the two clinics, singing Marian Hymns in between decades.

Last time I went there were about 250 people out there.

And, the good Lord is providing us with great weather!