Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Twenty-One Days of Prayers for Priests: Day 4

Well, don't think I said the twenty-one days of prayers for priests would be consecutive. I knew I was forgetting something yesterday.

Won't you take just a brief moment while at this blog to say this prayer today?

4. Prayers for All Priests

My God, I pray for all your priests and beseech you to sanctify them. Let them love their sacrifice deeply so that they may live it lovingly.

I beg you, grant them obedience, a spirit of detachment, a chastity which is constant and true, a spirit of self-denial, humility, sweetness, zeal and dedication.

I beg you that all those who may approach them may leave them with a greater love for you. My God, I pray that through them your kingdom on earth may grow and be strengthened. O Jesus, I promise with all my heart to sacrifice myself with you. Amen.

-Canon Formingão

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