Sunday, June 18, 2006

Domenico Bettinelli Jr: Bishops Punt on Pro-Abortion Pol Quesiton

Along with the post below, we have comment from Catholic World Report editor, Domenico Bettinelli Jr.

The US bishops took care of other business yesterday, in addition to voting on the new translations of the Mass. They also voted on recommendations on what to do about pro-abortion Catholic politicians who present themselves to receive Communion. After working for three years, including a massive public debate during the height of the 2004 presidential election, what did the task force led by Cardinal Theodore McCarrick finally come up with?

U.S. Catholic bishops on Thursday ended years of soul searching over whether Catholic politicians who support abortion rights should be denied communion, leaving the decision with local bishops.

After years of “soul searching,” the best they could come up with was to punt?

Let’s get one thing straight: The decision always belonged to local bishops.....
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