Thursday, June 22, 2006

Corpus Christi 2006 - Photos from Grotto - Post 5

This is the fourth outdoor altar and the last before we returned to the Church where we began. It was getting mighty gray outside. Keep in mind, Fr. Perrone thumbed his nose at the "80% chance of thundershowers" predicted for early afternoon, moving forward with having all the altars set up very early in the morning. It brings back recollections to the many mornings he went forward with his 7:30am outdoor daily Mass at the Grotto, in spite of rainy predictions. It always seemed to hold off until Mass was done. At the worst, a few drops fell one time, but waited until we were done and all was put away. Sometimes, I think he has connections with the Weather Controller Himself! I know it rained elsewhere locally that Sunday, but I didn't see much of it.

Benediction at the fourth outdoor altar!

The Knights carrying the canopy did not want to step on the elaborate decoration made by the sisters, but pastor, Fr. Perrone, waved them to go ahead and do what they had to get Jesus back "under the tent".

Jesus is heading back to Church from the fourth outdoor altar.

Jesus "waits" as all the faithful gathered at the fourth outdoor altar, move on ahead, processing before Him into the Church.

Note one altar boy facing the Blessed Sacrament as he incenses, while the other is facing forward - a continuous process through the route.

More pictures tomorrow, if Blogger cooperates!

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