Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Blogger not cooperating on picture uploading

We have to wait yet another day for more Corpus Christi 2006 photos. My first attempt to upload a photo today, resulted in.....nothing. That is the usual problem. Experience tells me that I may as well forget it for today.

I've actually got enough content for about 3 or 4 more days worth, in the manner I have been posting. Close to 300 were shot, but many are redundant. I used a feature that enables action shots to eliminate blur and just held the button down on many of the photos involving motion. Just holding down the button, the shutter was opening and closing several times per second, as long as I held it. I took the cream of each crop and the rest just get saved for potential later use.

All in all, I hope to have around 100 keepers that will go on to a disk, made available through the Assumption Grotto Giftshop and Cafe.

I was reminded by one of our priests, that I am on the hook to supply disks for Easter and Divine Mercy - a promise I made. If he finds me blogging, with no disks of Easter available yet again, I may need to avoid him - especially in confession where I may find my blogger-wings clipped for a time as a lesson in temperance is taught.

.....Hmmmm - perhaps tomorrow evening! It's my only chance.