Sunday, June 25, 2006

Taking the Associate Plunge...

I've been considering it for some time. That is, finding a way to bring in a little money to help with the development of There are many fees involved.

After investigating an advertising "plug-in", I realized that while I could use the keyword Catholic for the ads that would be seen in my blogs, I could not control whether they were Catholic or "Catholic". In other words, against my desires, I could inadvertently promote something by a disoriented theologian trying to pass something off as authentic.

I then discovered Associates, which allows me to advertise specific content. If you click on one of these links, then make a subsequent purchase of any kind at, I would get a small percentage from them for having referred you to their site.

I'll periodically explain my choices.


Today, I start with a periodical called, Homiletic and Pastoral Review - the magazine where my article, Unconditional Worship in the God-centered Mass appeared (May 2006 Issue). You can find a small selection of articles from this magazine at HPR Online.

This magazine is one of the most dignified Catholic periodicals you'll ever read and it is solid. It is written primarily for priests, but has a large number of lay subscribers. The writers are very solid. There are also written homilies for each Sunday of the month, and they are not watered down.

Subscribe to HPR today by clicking on the link below, and you'll assist this blog, and with your purchase!

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