Monday, June 19, 2006

Translation Commentaries: Fr. Z - to dew or not to dew?

Fr. Z is in rare form over there in his blog, "What Does the Prayer Really Say?".

In a post entitled, "A Review: Chalices and Dew", he is not mincing words over the translation news.

Why have I posted entries about "dew" in the writings of the Fathers of the Church?There are many disputed points in the new draft translation the USCCB has now approved and is sending (with suggested adaptations and emendations) back to Rome for review and, if deemed opportune, a recognitio (old ICEL was of saying "okeydokey"). While I think the most important issue is how to render pro multis ("for many, for the many, for the multitude") the choice of "dew" in the draft, rejected by the bishops, merits attention.

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