Saturday, June 10, 2006

Off Topic: Slick Spreading His Wings

How about this little guy - you can't help but pull for him. He surely wants to live. "Slick" must have really been kicking around to get a shot like this. As you can see, he's exercising his wings. If you click on the picture, you'll see a closeup and how those feathers are coming in that I showed a few posts back.

EDIT: Now that time has passed, I was able to learn that one way to prevent a splayed leg, such as the one seen here, is to ensure that from the very youngest stage the "nest" is made to ensure the legs fit tight up against the bird's body. Limiting movement is important to preventing a splayed leg. This bird already had signs of a splayed leg from the moment he was found on the ground, but it took time and study to understand what we were looking at. If I could do things over again knowing what I know now, this bird would have been "wrapped" in such a way as to prevent movement of the legs.

Baby Sparrow Post 1

Baby Sparrow Post 2

Baby Sparrow Post 3

Baby Sparrow Post 4