Sunday, June 4, 2006

Grotto Garden Collection - Pentecost in Bloom

I decided to take my camera with me to Church and found it was not possible to take pictures during the orchestra Mass because of how the songs fell. I would not have been able to make it up to the balcony and back down in time, missing some of the music I have been practicing. Click on any picture to see a larger size (beware, if on dial-up).

However, I walked the grounds for a little while afterwards because it was such a nice day, and the small roses were blooming, among other flowers, in the center garden.
The Angel fountain was running, and just as I approached it, a large robin was bathing in the shell held by the Angel. But, he flew off before I could snap him splashing around.

This angel is the work of a local sculptor by the name of Janice Trimpe. From her website:

Assumption Grotto Catholic Church in Detroit decided to enhance their shrine with new gardens and a fountain. Janice was commissioned to sculpt an angel. Here we see the result: the angel’s bowl supplies the never-ending cascade of water. Janice went to Rome to study the works of the Masters for the draping of the material and the wings, especially focusing on the wings of Bernini.

If you go to this page on her website, you will see more closeups.

Bernadette was looking very content among the flowering tiny roses, as the water trickled from the angel's shell. Of the many things that want to pull you into the quiet is the serenity of this garden scene. A cool breeze brings the presence of the Holy Spirit to mind on this day.

I will get information posted on the Bernadette sculpture, as well, done by another local artist. Anyone seeing these two statues together will think they go so remarkably well, as if one artist had done them both. Not so.

As I headed back out the cemetary, I turned to look back at the Grotto and took one last shot. I was anticipating an outdoor procession, but it did not come this Sunday. Benediction was held indoors, where it was followed by a holy hour for vocations.

For statue closeups see the post on Mary in the Sanctuary