Monday, January 5, 2009

Update on Philip Johnson, Naval Officer desiring priesthood suffering with brain tumor

You may recall not that long ago a post I made about a young naval officer who was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

He wants very much to be a priest. His blog is one of the best out there - not because of his status, or the tumor, but because it has a richness to the posts. I have encouraged readers to visit his blog regularly.

This Wednesday, January 7th, he will undergo surgery. Not only has he asked for prayers, but has obtained prayer cards which have the Imprimatur, and seek the intercession of Fr. Thomas Frederick Price whose cause for sainthood is being investigated. Mr. Johnson is related to Fr. Price and is deeply devoted to him. Soon I will have hard copies I can provide at Grotto to those prayer warriors willing to say this prayer daily for him.

You can request them through his blog if you are not at Grotto. He gives more background on the prayer cards in this post. Below, click on the prayer to see it, and to pray daily this short prayer for intercession.

Philip has also asked that we join in a special novena to Our Lady of Lourdes leading up to his surgery on January 7th. It's ok to join late.

I learned through email that he is well acquainted with one of our regular visiting priests, Fr. Aidan Logan - a cistercian monk who is good friends with Grotto parishioner and Knight, Chris Kolomjec. Fr. Logan is a naval chaplain and comes to stay with us on Memorial Day weekend each year, and a few other times. He is seen hooded and in habit in these photos.

Visit Philip Johnson frequently for updates on his condition and for some really great, Catholic blogposting at his blog, In Caritate, Non Ficta

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