Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's those "right-wing Catholic bloggers.....

I've got to get off to work and wanted to blog on this yesterday, but again, there was not time to do the detailed post with links.

I'm going to send you to the best source, Tom Peters - the American Papist, because he really wrote his heart out showing the contradictions in professor Doug Kmiec's thinking with regards to the pro-life movement. Doug Kmiec is a Catholic who supported Obama. He recently wrote a pretty whining commentary about Catholic bloggers who attacked his position. There is a difference between rightfully attacking someone's position, and attacking the person and apparently Mr. Kmiec seems to have trouble seeing the difference.

He also believes Catholic bloggers will be responsible for souring relations between the Obama administration and the Vatican.

Perhaps it's all just a game of bait-n-switch. Go get the details....(check out the combox, as well)

And then there is this from Tom Peters....

Just a note, the Papist's blog is the one to watch with the upcoming March for Life in DC. Tom living there and provided great coverage last year. Go to his homepage, bookmark it and check in frequently for updates on the ground.

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