Thursday, January 15, 2009

Brrrrrrrrrrr.........It's zero degrees out there!

As many people wonder whether their car will start, whether school is closed to protect the children from standing at bus stops in life-and-limb threatening cold, my thoughts turn to the homeless. I heard yesterday that in our area here in metro Detroit, the numbers are up by 3-4x than usual, due to the jobless rate.

What really befuddled me is that there are warming centers opening for the homeless, but they operate only during the day, sending these men, women, and children back out into the cold as the temperature drops even lower. By day it has been in the low teens and at night, in the single digits - even in the negative.

It's times like these that as I tuck myself away into a warm bed, in a warm house, that I thank the good Lord. It's only by His grace that I have these most basic needs.

Pray for the homeless, donate, and volunteer.

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