Monday, January 5, 2009

A Te Deum Post Series on Archbishop-elect Allen H. Vigneron

The information below was split out of the "10 Bp Vigneron" post I made so that his wise words could stand out on their own. I also plan on refering back to those rules frequently and for that reason wanted them isolated in a single post.

With regards to the other info I had, I am making a separate post and pushing it back so that I may link to this for those looking for this information.

Now that we know who will take the helm in Detroit, I have been doing some digging on Archbishop-elect, Allen Vigneron. In fact, if anyone reading has specifics on some of the areas I mention here or others, please email me These will be used in an ongoing series I am developing. Links, photos, etc, would be greatly appreciated. Let me know how to attribute photos if they are yours.

I can tell you this much...

  • He is "Tridentine friendly" and has, according to one account I've seen online, already celebrated a Pontifical High Mass in Oakland. In fact, if anyone has information about that send it to me (dates, links, photos, circumstances, etc). ( see this post for confirmation)
  • He is very Eucharistic and Marian.
  • He is actively pro-life and pro-family.
  • I predict vocations will increase.
  • The local Call to Action chapter is probably breaking guitar strings and a few Elephants in the Living Room have probably soiled the carpet (good heavens - I hope I haven't violated rule #1 below....I'll have to pray on it)
Send me what you have or know about on the above topics, or give me other topics except this one....

I know enough about the controversial cathedral in Oakland to offer some thoughts, but it is already to late for me to post tonight. I call it controversial because just bringing up the name Vigneron results in a lengthy string of comments just on that new cathedral. That is one particular area that I really don't want to go too deeply into. I studied the whole matter months ago and have drawn my own conclusions which I will share in the coming days in a single post. So, please don't flood my inbox with content related to that.

If you send me something, let me know how you want it attributed if it belongs to you. If you desire anonymity, then please give me a pseudoname to use rather than under "anonymous".

If I have time, more tomorrow!

In the meantime, here are some links:

Archdiocese of Detroit:

Archbishop Announcement: statements & resources
Interview: A dialogue with Archbishop-elect Vigneron
Biography: Archbishop-elect Vigneron

Diocese of Oakland:


Is New York next???

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