Thursday, January 29, 2009

Installation Mass of Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron: Photopost 2

Just one rack of vestments in a room before the Installation Mass of Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron at Blessed Sacrament Cathedral in Detroit

What follows are many of the 116 pictures I took yesterday afternoon. I regret that I still do not have the proper lenses for this kind of work and did the best I could with my camera mounted on a tripod. The procession pictures are definitely grainy looking.

Catholic bloggers may use these, provided a link back to this post is given so people know from where they originated.

There were some dignitaries listed provided by the AOD or in the program who did not make the Installation. These included Cardinal Szoka and Archbishop Pietro Sambi.


Go to my Smugmug site to view the entire collection where more bishops are pictured, and many more from the Mass:
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"Sister" Allie said...

Thank you for posting these pictures! I was at the installation but did not have my camera with me so these are wonderful means of remembering the Mass!

I also noticed that in the second last pic in this post, a certain Monsignor G. Michael Bugarin is walking in behind Cardinal Mahoney. He's my pastor/spiritual director/very close friend. When I saw his picture I smiled!

Thanks for posting the pics!!! : D

Diane M. Korzeniewski said...

I noticed Msgr. Bugarin was behind Cdl Mahoney, as well.

I'm not sure, but I believe that would be Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver - the first bishop pictured above. He's on the list of dignitaries and I didn't think he made it until I saw that pic.

I was shooting underneath a line-backer caliber diocesan photographer and snuck in under his armpit which is why the angle is so lousy. That's his camera strap coming into some of my procession pics, and his arm blocked my flash which many of us were using in the processions.

"Sister" Allie said...

It was quite an experience. Once in a lifetime truly.

Now, the faithful of Detroit need to storm Heaven with prayers for His Excellency so that the Spirit will guide him as he leads the flock entrusted to his care. Deus providebit!

"Sister" Allie said...

I have always wondered about how they determine the order of who processes in first at events like this.

I know about the whole ascending hierarchy thing but for example, Cardinal Mahoney is a Cardinal, Monsignor Bugarin is a Papal Chamberlain and yet Monsignor is behind him.

Would you know of how and why that works out? I have always wanted to ask Monsignor that because I have noted it on many occasions.

CUAguy said...

Do you know which bishop that is in the picture 6th from the bottom on the left? I think that I helped him in the sacrist for the Vigil for Life Mass, but can't put my finger on his name?

Diane M. Korzeniewski said...

In the picture right above Archbishop Vigneron processing out, the younger bishop is Timothy Broglio, Archbishop of US Military Services who was appointed in 2007.

Next to him is Bishop Emeritus of the Lansing Diocese, Carl Mengeling. Bishop Earl Boyea, originally from Detroit, suceeded him.

Carl said...

Sister Allie,

That is an interesting question. After thinking about it for a while and trying to find some resources, it looks like they are actually processing out, and may not have kept a strict ordering, especially at this point where they are simply exiting the Cathedral through the side passage. However, if that ordering was used for the entrance also, it is possible that a few priests would have served as assistants to the new Archbishop during the Mass, and they would come after the Cardinals not in virtue of their rank but in virtue of his. I couldn't make it, but saw it on TV, and I recall Cardinal Maida entering in the rear, with the order being: the two cardinals, Vigneron, Maida. If this is a correct memory, this would be because his position as Apostolic Administrator of Detroit places Cardinal Maida ahead of Bishop Vigneron for about fifteen more minutes, until the reading of the mandate and symbolic transfer of crozier. Then, as archbishop, he would rank above any Cardinal who is merely visiting his archdiocese, except perhaps one specifically designated as a papal legate.

Carl said...

Whoops, correction, I think:

I don't think Cardinal Maida is acting as the Apostolic Administrator of the diocese in the Installation Mass, but as designated replacement for Archbishop Pietro Sambi, the Apostolic Nuncio. I wish I had a copy of the Ceremonial for Bishops handy to check this, but I believe a bishop does not hand over his diocese: the Pope hands it over, via his nuncio. So even Cardinal Maida would be 'lower' in precedence than Archbishop Vigneron even at the start of the Mass, joining his two colleagues in red, except that he was the principal celebrant for the first half.

Does anyone remember Bishop Boyea's installation from last year? I don't recall if Cardinal Maida opened that Mass as well, as Metropolitan, or whether it was Archbishop Sambi, as Nuncio. That would help settle the question. Obviously in both cases after the seating in the cathedra, the new (arch)bishop takes over.