Friday, March 14, 2008

Support the Parish Fish Fry!

I saw more people at the Fish Fry at Grotto last week, Deo Gratias!

There was a time in Lent (before I came to Grotto and got a proper perspective of mortication and sacrifice), that I went to a local country club for the "Lenten" dinner. Let's just say that I ate better on those Fridays than I did on many Sundays of Ordinary time. This is not an exercise of virtue, but the opposite - an imperfection.

Sacrifices can be as powerful as prayers and sometimes even more precious to God when coupled with an intent to "offer up" those sacrifices. Alms-giving is also part of the Lenten ritual and I believe the two can be combined.

So, you can eat out at some restaurant and get a better tasting meal, or you can make a cheaper meal at home (which is fine if you are in serious financial straights), but why not support your local parish fish fry ?

We're not talking about looking for good cuisine to suit our taste buds, nor are we looking for some kind of bargain. Go to a parish fish fry to support the parish!

You say fried fish is greasy! Fine. Get the baked fish. You say you don't like baked fish? Eat it anyway and OFFER IT UP!

See you there!

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