Sunday, March 16, 2008

Palm Sunday 2008 at Assumption Grotto: Photo Post 3 - The Mass

In this last of three photo posts, we look at the Mass of Palm Sunday in the extraordinary form.

The next few photos were taken during the chanting of the Gospel - the Passion of Our Lord, all in Latin. The people followed along in special booklets which had English on the facing page. The celebrant, Fr. Perrone, stayed at the wall altar on the Gospel side (left) while the deacon and sub-deacon, chanting the other parts, were further down in the sanctuary off to the left.

Below is the Lavabo.

The Elevation of our Lord

What you see below in the next three photos is the Communion of the celebrant. Note the sub-deacon off to the side bowing. Not seen on the other side is the deacon doing the same. Then, they stand upright in the second photo. In the last of these three pictures, once again you see the sub-deacon bowing. You can visibly see the celebrant drinking from the Chalice. In the extraordinary form, the priest has Communion before he presents our Eucharistic Lord to us for the Ecce Angus Dei (this is the Lamb of God) - in the fourth pic below.

With Holy Week coming up, please check back for photo coverage of liturgical events at Assumption Grotto in Detroit. See the upcoming schedule for confessions, and Masses, including Orchestra Mass.

Holy Week 2008 Schedule - Assumption Grotto Church

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