Sunday, March 16, 2008

Palm Sunday 2008 at Assumption Grotto: Photo Post 2 - Blessing of Palms and Procession

In this second of three posts on Palm Sunday, we see the Palms blessed and the procession through the church. Fr. Perrone asked that only the first half of the church exit their pews and the back half remain standing in place.

In the photo above, we see the Deacon, Fr. Paul Ward, kissing the object used to sprinkle holy Water. The Master of Ceremonies is holding the holy water pot. He followed with a kiss to the hand of the celebrant. This is called a ceremonial kiss (osculum). More on this in a later post.

Here we see another ceremonial kiss by the deacon as he receives palms from the celebrant. The palms are distributed in a hierarchical way. Next the sub-deacon will receive, followed by the altar boys (below), and finally the ushers who will ultimately distribute them to the people.

Above, celebrant, deacon and sub-deacon wait as ushers hand out palms. The ushers return as many times as needed, each time kissing the palms. Below, they bow during the Gloria Patri as all should do whenever the three persons of the Trinity are named.

With the procession complete, the priests vest in violet, assisted by the altar boys.

Palm Sunday 2008 Photo Post 1: Still-shots before Mass

Palm Sunday 2008 at Assumption Grotto: Photo Post 3 - The Mass

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