Sunday, March 23, 2008

Holy Week 2008: Easter Vigil - Lumen Christi

Happy Easter to all who are looking in.

Assumption Grotto celebrated the Easter Vigil in the extraordinary form of the Roman rite (traditional Latin Mass).

It will be a day or two before I get Easter Vigil pictures up.

In the meanwhile, here are two from the beginning of the liturgy. This next photo was taken as Deacon chanted, Lumen Christi.


Peter Simpson said...

As usual, some wonderful photographs. Thank you - and Happy Easter!

Mary said...

I love that the church is in actual darkness with candlelight vs. my church where the choir needs to have light via book lights so they can see what they are signing. Oh well your pictures are beautiful as usual.

Diane K said...


Something noteworthy is that the choir is always in the loft (at the back) except for orchestra Masses at which time they occupy the rear of the church on the first floor.

In the case of the vigil Mass, the schola which sang, did use booklights. But, because they were up in the loft, those would not have been visible for the most part.

I took the photos from the loft.

Unfortunately, so many parishes put the "band" up front near the sanctuary, or even in it.

All sacred Music should be coming from places pretty much unseen and hopefully it's of the dignity and majesty owed to our God.