Friday, April 24, 2009

Steele to Obama: Sebelius not forthcoming about relationship with late-term abortionist

After the GOP block of Sebelius confirmation as Secretary of HHS, she was pushed into reacting to a bill that would have put limitations on late-term abortions. Kansas is the home of notorious late-term abortionist, "Tiller the Killer". Yesterday was the deadline for her to veto the bill, which she did. By doing nothing, the limitations would have went into effect.

Life Site News quotes GOP Chairman Steele:

"Significant questions remain about Gov. Kathleen Sebelius' evolving relationship with a late-term abortion doctor as well as about her position on the practice of late-term abortions," said Steele in a press release today. "The Senate should not vote, nor should Gov. Sebelius be confirmed, until these questions are answered fully and completely."

Steele pointed out that Gov. Sebelius "has not been forthcoming" about her financial relationship with Kansas late-term abortionist George Tiller.

"She [Sebelius] admitted the full extent of the political contributions she received from Dr. Tiller only after press reports contradicted her previous financial statements," Steele pointed out.

The GOP Chairman also challenged Sebelius to publicly reveal her position on "the extremist and heinous practice of late-term abortions."

"The vast majority of Americans do not support the concept of late-term abortions," said Steele. "They deserve to know whether President Obama's choice to be the nation's top health official supports these indefensible procedures."

Steele said that until Gov. Sebelius provides "clear and complete answers to these questions," the Senate should not vote on her confirmation.

If Sebelius and the Obama administration refuse to give answers, he concluded, "President Obama should withdraw her nomination."

Kathleen Sebelius is a Catholic who has been under fire from Archbishop Joseph Naumann who has publicly asked her to refrain from presenting herself for Communion. Udoubtedly, we will be hearing from the archbishop.

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