Monday, April 13, 2009

Photopost: 2009 Easter Vigil in Extraordinary Form at Assumption Grotto

I continue to work on editing photos taken during the Triduum in the Extraordinary Form at Assumption Grotto. I also have a batch of photos to edit from the Latin Novus Ordo which took place on Easter Sunday at 9:30am (it was my error that I had stated in an earlier post it was to be in the Extraordinary Form).

All this work has me behind on other postings. Perhaps I'll catch up on that soon enough.

This post concludes the Triduum series in the Extraordinary Form with the Easter Vigil which took place from 8:00pm Saturday until nearly 11:00pm. I had gone to Easter Vigils in the ordinary form many years ago at other parishes and can say that those ran similarly, around 2:30 to 2:45.

If this slideshow does not work for you, go to my Smugmug page for the 2009 Easter Vigil. If you use the slideshow there (set it to "fast") it will fill your screen).

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