Sunday, April 5, 2009

Photo Post: 2009 Palm Sunday at Assumption Grotto

Here are photos in the form of an embedded slideshow of yesterdays Palm Sunday Mass in the Extraordinary Form at Assumptio Grotto in Detroit, Michigan. The celebrant is Fr. Eduard Perrone (pastor), Fr. Paul Ward (Deacon), and Fr. John Bustamante (sub-Deacon).

For the rest of Assumption Grotto's Holy Week schedule, click here.. Easter Sunday Mass at 9:30 (EF) is an orchestra Mass, conducted by Fr. Eduard Perrone. Typically, the same music is used on Divine Mercy Sunday at Noon (which may get switched to extraordinary form - I have to check).

If you want to look at individual pics, or if the slideshow does not work in your browser, go to my smugmug gallery for Palm Sunday 2009 . Bloggers may use individual pics from the smumug gallery. However, please provide a link back to this blogpost.

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