Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Notre Dame Scandal Update: List of Bishops who Disapprove at 42

I'm a few days behind on these things, so here they are in one comprehensive post....

Bishop D'Arcy - who is the Ordinary of the diocese in which Notre Dame resides, has made clear again, that he is not opposed to peaceful or prayerful protests. In fact, the bishop has advocated rallying behind the students of Notre Dame who have asked everyone to let them take the lead. Phil Lawler looks closer Randall Terry's reaction in a commentary: When Pro-life Activitists Harm the Pro-life Cause.

From Life News [emphases mine in bold]:

South Bend, IN ( -- The Catholic bishop who oversees the part of Indiana that includes Notre Dame University says he is fine with non-violent demonstrations in opposition to the college's decision to allow pro-abortion President Barack Obama to give commencement and receive an honorary degree.

Bishop John M. D’Arcy of Fort Wayne-South Bend has already made his own plans clear to boycott the graduation ceremonies because of Obama's participation.

Now, in comments to the Catholic News Service, his spokesman, Vince LaBarbera, says Bishop D'Arcy is fine with positive expressions of disagreement, but he doesn't want those who oppose the decision to join with those who are harshly attacking the president or Notre Dame.

More than a dozen pro-life student groups have formed an ad hoc coalition called ND Response and several alumni groups are coordinating their own efforts targeted at removing Jenkins or withholding donations to the college.

Those appear to be the effects D'Arcy says are worthy of support -- not protests led by outside groups or people.

The coalition has posted a message from Bishop D’Arcy on its web site saying he is supportive of the coalition’s efforts “or any other prayerful and dignified demonstrations by Notre Dame students.”

Bishop Wenski of the Diocese of Orlando is offering a Mass of Reparation. It would be nice if EWTN could cover the Mass of Reparation - email them and let them know!

From the diocesan website homepage:

As Catholics we are aware of the many shortcomings and transgressions committed against the dignity and sacredness of human life in our world. That is why it is inconceivable that the University of Notre Dame, a Catholic institution of higher learning, should receive and honor anyone who promotes policies that are contradictory to who we are as a people of faith.

As our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI stated in his visit to the U.S. last year in reference to Catholic university presidents, "to justify positions that contradict the faith and teaching of the church would obstruct or even betray the university's identity and mission."

Mass of Reparation
May 3 at 6:00 p.m
Cathedral of St. James
215 N. Orange Avenue
Downtown Orlando

Come and pray with Bishop Wenski for all of our transgressions against the Gospel of Life.

Reparation is the making amends for a wrong done or for an offense against God. By his death on the cross, the Son of God offered his life out of love for the Father to make reparation for our sinful disobedience (CCC #614).

We are obliged to make reparation for personal sins against justice and truth (CCC #2412 and #2487).

I am piggy-backing off of Tom Peter's list at AmP, which is cobbled accordingly:

I was going to compile this list, but Catherine Harmon at Catholic World Report did it first. Here it is:

Bishops’ statements on Notre Dame’s invitation to Barack Obama (my additions in bold)

  1. Bishop John D’Arcy, Fort Wayne-South Bend
  2. Cardinal Francis George, Chicago
  3. Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, Galveston-Houston
  4. Archbishop Timothy Dolan, Milwaukee (--> NYC)
  5. Archbishop John Nienstedt, St. Paul-Minneapolis
  6. Archbishop Eusebius Beltran, Oklahoma City
  7. Bishop Edward Slattery, Tulsa
  8. Archbishop John Myers, Newark
  9. Archbishop Alfred Hughs, New Orleans
  10. Bishop Joseph Martino, Scranton
  11. and Auxiliary Bishop John Dougherty, Scranton
  12. Bishop Thomas Doran, Rockford, Ill.
  13. Bishop Thomas Olmsted, Phoenix
  14. Bishop Gregory Aymond, Austin
  15. Bishop Robert Lynch, St. Petersburg
  16. Bishop R. Walker Nickless, Sioux City
  17. Bishop Kevin Rhoades, Harrisburg, Pa.
  18. Bishop William E. Lori, Bridgeport, CT
  19. Bishop Robert Morlino, Madison WI
  20. Bishop George Murry, S.J., Youngstown, OH
  21. Bishop William Higi, Lafayette, IN
  22. Bishop Anthony Taylor of Little Rock, AR
  23. Archbishop Jose Gomez, San Antonio, TX
  24. and Auxiliary Bishop Oscar Cantu
  25. Bishiop Jerome Listecki, La Crosse, WI
  26. Archbishop Edwin O'Brien, Baltimore MD
  27. Bishop Alex Sample, Marquette MI
  28. Archbishop Daniel Buechlein, Indianapolis
  29. Bishop Robert Baker, Birmingham AL
  30. Bishop Samuel Aquila, Fargo ND
  31. Bishop Gerald Barbarito, Palm Beach FL
  32. Bishop Fabian Brukeswitz, Lincoln NE
  33. Bishop Richard Stika, Knoxville TN
  34. Bishop Robert Finn, Kansas City
  35. Bishop Joseph Latino, Jackson MS
  36. Bishop Leonard Blair, Toledo OH
  37. Bishop Gerald Gettelfinger, Evansville IN
  38. Bishop George Lucas, Springfield IL
  39. Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk, Cincinnati OH
  40. Bishop Thomas Wenski, Orlando FL
  41. Bishop Robert Vasa, Baker OR
  42. Bishop Paul Coakley, Salina KS

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