Monday, November 3, 2008

All Night Adoration Tonight - at Assumption Grotto

I have much to do today before I head over to Grotto. I am going to leave you with this, probably my last post before the vote. I may update with some edits so scroll down and look.

Please join us for the 7:00pm Mass tonight if you are unable to come during the night and watch with Our Lord for one hour. You are welcome to help us to watch with Our Lord anytime during the night. Please park between the school building and church so that the scope of ground to be covered by Grotto security is limited. Refreshments to help some long-watchers through the night will be available after 10:00pm in the back vestibule. Fr. Perrone has asked that we keep all refreshments out of the main church.

The overnight vigil will conclude just before the 6:30am Mass, which at Grotto is the Extraordinary Form. If you have never been to a "Tridentine" low Mass, here is your chance. It is largely silent. Booklets are usually available on the railing before Mass and if you look inside the back cover, there are notes for posture. Most likely you will need to follow posture for the low Mass.

Adoration will continue throughout the day until 6:30pm in the convent chapel, ending with Benediction. If you have never been to the convent chapel, please go to the convent, which is in the yard adjacent to the school. Ring the bell and tell the sisters you would like to gain entry to the chapel and they will guide you in the first time.

Keep in mind, that the Assumption Grotto Cemetery is the final resting place of many aborted babies, including those buried this past summer by Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life.

Map for Assumption Grotto in Detroit

In her local and national hour on Ave Maria Radio, Teresa Tomeo was naming some places locally here in metro Detroit where you can catch Adoration, including Assumption Grotto. I had made the request that they list such events because people are undoubtedly looking for some place to pray for a miracle, this election. Go to the archives page for Teresa Tomeo, here for November 3 and you can listen to it. I hope to later - she had some really good guests on both hours.

Michigan Pro-Life Endorsements

The Michigan Right to Life has made it easy for voters to print out a list of endorsements for your area in Michigan. Simply click this link and put your street name (not the numbers, just the name) and other info and it will show you which district you are in and who you can vote for to support life. If a candidate isn't listed or if it says, "no endorsement", it means they are not pro-life.

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