Friday, November 7, 2008

Bishop Finn's Election Eve Sermon

I have much to post on, but haven't had time. In the last five days, my mother has been in and out of doctor's offices, the outpatient center where she received a blood transfusion (which went quite well), and is now in the hospital. I had to take her in late last night when her blood pressure would not come down and she remains there now. She is expected to be released today and I'm sure will bounce back as she has so many times before. Your prayers are appreciated.

Before I head back to the hospital, I wanted to pass along a link to something Fr. Z has on his site. He has obtained the text of a homily by Bishop Finn of Kansas City-St. Joseph which was delivered on the eve of the election. Even though the election has come and gone, there is much to digest in what he says.

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