Saturday, November 1, 2008

Obama's Musical Middle Class

You may recall John McCain pressing Obama earlier in the campaign asking Obama to define what he meant by the middle class - with numbers. Well, Obama has, and it has been changing.

Is it 250,000, 200,000, 150,000, 120,000 or.......45,000? Watch this...

There is another video that goes all the way back to the Hilary-Obama debates that discusses the same tax issues raised in that race, now. I don't know if it is in this video, but in one of these debates with Hilary, he gave said that those making over 97,000 would see an increase. This video has some interesting info about what happens when you raise capital gains taxes which affects anyone with a 401k, or a pension. He wants to raise that from 15% to 28%. The stock market will not grow when people stop investing in it because they will have to pay more taxes. They will look for alternatives.

Hmmmmmm.....I wonder why the stock market has been swinging widely ahead of the election.

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