Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fr. Trigilio's Catechetical Crash Course: Pro-Abort Catholic Pols

Fr. John Trigilio of EWTN's Crash Course in Catholicism and author of many great books offers yet another clear catechetical lesson in yesterday's post: Thirty Pieces of Silver.

Give this man a violet biretta. "Bishop" Trigilio has a great ring to it, don't you think?

Read the entire entry. Here are some snippets (emphasis mine in bold):

IF some Catholics voted for Obama merely to save their 401K, then what is the difference had they been given thirty pieces of silver? Both are blood money and innocent blood at that.

The only time a Catholic can morally vote for a pro-choice candidate is when there is no viable pro-life opponent running against him/her. But we had a pro-life alternative, albeit not perfect, but more anti-abortion than Obama.

The courageous Bishops who enunciated this moral teaching preached to deaf ears, sad to say. While we are not one issue voters, there is a hierarchy of goods, values and principles, which must be respected. The RIGHT TO LIFE outweighs all other issues, no matter how serious or important.

Now that there is a PRO-ABORTION Catholic Vice President, the US Bishops have a once in a lifetime opportunity. Senator Joe Biden has stated unequivocally he knows abortion is wrong as life begins at conception BUT he also vehemently supports Roe v. Wade and will always support legal abortions. He and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and all Congressmen and Senators who refuse to repent and abandon their support for abortion must be denied Holy Communion AND face the real possibility of EXCOMMUNICATION. If the Vice President and the Speaker flagrantly show contempt for the Moral Law and Magisterial teaching which condemn abortion, they cause great scandal when they approach Holy Comunion.

Amen, Padre!

Now, I'm going to take it a step further and suggest we need to start writing our bishops, and to Rome, in order to pull the rug out from under loophole theologians who are given a paid platform at Catholic institutions to undermine our bishops. It is total madness that people like Doug Kmiec are permitted to say anything at all on any Catholic campus. That applies to other dissidents like Fr. Richard McBrien and others who have been permitted to act like wolves in the sheep pen for too long. I'll be posting more on this when I get the time to sit down and put something together. How many souls have to be lost before these people lose their good standing?

Check in periodically with Fr. Trigilio at his blog, The Black Biretta.

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