Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's in God's Hands Now....

The election is now in the hands of voters, and ultimately in God's hands. If the culture of death candidate - Barack Obama - wins this election, I don't believe it will necessarily be God's will. Rather, it is a matter of permitting him to win in spite of the significant evil he represents with regards to life issues for the unborn.

It wasn't that long ago that some were personally opposed to slavery, yet did nothing because they didn't want to impose their views on others. Never mind that the views of a major stakeholder were not considered. That stakeholder, a human himself who was held captive wasn't considered human enough to be eligible for life and liberty.

Then there those who were personally oppossed to segregation, but again, certain stakeholders were left out of the equation - the affected students (or shall we say, disaffected).

We don't need a PhD to know today that these things were terribly wrong. In fact, when we look at them today, we ask how people could be so stupid!

It doesn't take a PhD to know that pulling a baby at 8 months, 3 weeks and 3 days through the birth canal by his feet, leaving his head undelivered where it can be punctured by an abortionists sheers, and it's brains sucked out, followed by further indignity of being dismembered is.......WRONG. There is NO possible health issue that would make partial birth abortion necessary. Yet, Barack Obama supports partial-birth abortion.

He has also vowed to sign into law the Freedom of Choice Act (FoCA) which will strike down parental notification laws and partial birth abortion bans in many states, giving abortion federal protection. It says nothing of Obama's unwillingness to sign on to legislation that require medical attention be given to babies who survived botched abortions (yes, it happens - they are burned in saline abortion solutions and come out alive, then are left on a shelf, or in the trash to die).

It is for these reasons that I can't believe that God, the author of life, would will such a man to become president as opposed to permit the consequence of man's sinfulness to get him elected. People are prideful and not wanting to do their homework to learn about the faith. As a result, they themselves want to define it. Yet, they don't consider that if we left it up to each person to define truth, it would be like permitting North to be any direction one points. Truth is absolute. It doesn't shift. Truth transcends time.

We may have had silence out of the vast majority of our bishops on abortion for the last 30+ years, and perhaps have never heard the word from most pulpits over the same time. I am full of much hope to see that over 115 bishops have spoken up to clarify Catholic teaching upon discovering distortions and they have been doing so with vigilance and zeal.

I'm willing to bet that this is going to change. No one will feel the pain more than our bishops who are responsible for teaching. The lack of catechesis couldn't be clearer.

We have to pray for our bishops and priests, as well as those who have gone astray, and those who don't get it - like, Barack Obama.

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