Friday, September 1, 2006

Semper Fi Catholic Radio - Audio Sermons of Fr. Paul Weinberger

Anyone who visits a parish of an orthodox Catholic priest will immediately discover something the regulars already know: They pull no punches and no aspect of the faith is undiscussible, or to be glossed-over. In fact, these priests firmly understand that we indeed have a fallen nature, and that there are things we must hear. If our pastors don't drive it home, who will? If priests like this were to walk in to some parishes today, where banality has ruled for decades, some parishioners would probably walk out. But, when a priest preaches the fullness of the gospel, and it is fully aligned with the Magisterium - a difficult word for some - then it is pride itself which prompts one to leave, not the words of the priest.

I've only read a few of Fr. Paul's homilies and recently made a post on his Assumption Day homily, which was truly remarkable, with many twists and turns.

Fr. Paul Weinberger is pastor of St. William the Confessor Parish in Greenville, TX. But the story of how he got to this parish is rather intriguing. It is a sad story, I must say, but won't be too surprising to some who have seen the pattern of orthodox priests being sent out to small rural parishes, or nursing homes. But, there is a new breed of priests sprouting, cut from the same cloth as Fr. Paul, and the very cloth of the first Shepherd. You will see them often in cassocks. Soon, there will be too many of them, and too few rural parishes and nursing homes to send them to.

It's been a couple of years since he was moved from Blessed Sacrament in Dallas to St. Williams in Greenville. After reading the above, I've wondered what the statistics were like at Greenville, in contrast to when he first arrived.

Parishioners have made a website called, Semper Fi Catholic which gives you the flavor of what kind of priest this is. It carries many of his homilies, along with general information about the parish. I've been wondering what the stats were at St. Williams since he arrived. In time, there is no doubt what will happen, as it happens anywhere solid orthodox priests go: The people come.

Now, these same parishioners have built an online radio station: Semper Fi Catholic Radio, which is just starting out. Two of his audio sermons are now available, and more are coming. Bookmark this site and if you want to hear a good sermon, listen to this man.

One final note. It is absolutely imperative that we pray for our priests. The temptations we have are only magnified for priests because the Angel of Darkness knows that if he can get to one priest, he can cause much more damage. In war, the first thing to be bombed is the electrical grid and communications. Satan does the same every time he succeeds in driving a priest to succumb to sin, or to cave in against repeated assaults. Some of those assaults come from within by people who just don't get it. We need to pray for our priests so that God gives them continued strength to carry one, even when God tests their faith with periods of loneliness or persecution. The more holy a priest, the greater his trials will be.

Sisters at my parish run a spiritual adoption for priests. Contact them to receive the name of a priest, bishop, seminarian or discerning young man. Or, contact them and give them the name of such a person whom you want to pray for. They will enter his name and send you a packet of information, with some prayers you can do.