Saturday, September 9, 2006

Need help from readers.......

I try to view every comment made, but some may slip past me. If anyone should spot something inappropriate, anti-Catholic, or incompatible with Catholic teaching in the comment boxes, or in any links that I provide, please contact my blog email:

This includes links in my sidebar. I do a quick screen of blogs I add to my blogroll, but if you find something offensive in one of them, send me a link to the same email and I'll review the notion of carrying that site in my blogroll or sidebar. I had to recently remove one of my Fatima links after it became unclear whether those running it were fully aligned with the Magisterium. Rather than take a chance, it was removed.

Also, when I provide links, especially to more traditional Catholic things, I attempt to study the site to determine if it belongs to a community of ultra-traditionalist schismatics. Sometimes this is very difficult to discern and they can make misleading statements like, "Loyal to the current pope" without stating if that is Benedict XVI, or "pope" Michael, for example. If I have mistakenly used one of these links, please point it out to me.

I will often leave comments up, unless there is something vulgar, but I address the issues openly. I invite other Catholics reading the blog to address these mistaken or errant understandings in the comment boxes, as well. If you are intimidated by that, by all means, email me key points and I will add them to my reply.

Robots and "Web-Spam"

Some have asked me why they have to type in those jumbled letters when they click on a comment box. This prevents "robots" from injecting web-spam into the comboxes. I did not have this feature turned on, until highly vulgar advertisement popped up under a post containing of one of our priests before the Blessed Sacrament. I have not had any such things happen since turning this protection on.

God Bless and thank you for your assistance.