Friday, September 8, 2006

Sandro Magister: Two good reads....

I have a habit of scanning Sandro Magister's site. Sometimes, I just print out his articles and read them when waiting some place, or before going to bed.

Here are two new articles:

Moderates, Neocons: Notes Before the Conclave

On one side, Ratzinger, Ruini, Bergoglio with their proposal for a new “Papal Revolution.” On the other side, the list of their opponents, with Tettamanzi as the man for all seasons

And, this gem:

The Pope Rewrites the Handbook of the Good Pastor
A spontaneous question-and-answer session with Benedict XVI and the priests of the diocese of Albano. On how to celebrate Mass well, and many other matters. “People know whether we’re putting on a show or are in conversation with God”